Large enough to tackle some of Alberta’s largest projects, yet small enough to maintain a personal relationship with our customers, ZiO is the right fit for you.

Commercial Door & Hardware Installation (Division 8)

ZiO’s highly trained installation technicians can install and service; Hollow Metal Doors and Frames, Aluminum Doors, Fiberglass Doors, Wood Doors and Frames, as well as certain Specialty Doors and Frames such as Krieger Acoustic Doors & Frames. We can replace existing doors, install a new door and frame, or repair existing openings. Our technicians have experience installing virtually any type of hardware, trim or accessory for swinging doors. We specialize in the most complicated commercial hardware items such as electrified concealed vertical rod exit devices, power door operators, electronic locks, electromagnetic locks and floor closers.

ZiO has NEVER failed testing in ANY STC rated assembly installed. 

Construction Specialties Installation (Division 10)

Whether you need to install two toilet partitions and one urinal screen, or to put 20,000 linear feet of crash rail on the walls of your new hospital, we have the personnel to do it. We have vast experience in installing; Washroom Accessories, Lockers of any kind, the funkiest Toilet Partitions that an architect can envision, White & Tack boards, Panel Wall Protection, Hand Rail, Crash Rail or any other Construction Specialty Product for that matter.

Access Control Systems (Division 8 & Division 26)

When you want to add safety and security to your doors an Access Control System is what you need. Whether you need a simple single door access control system or a complex multi-door system spanning hundreds of doors in multiple buildings, we can assist in the planning and installation for your entire access control requirements, backed by uncompromising customer service and support.

Our experienced team of technicians work in conjunction with each client to ensure that the solution proposed meets the objectives of the client expectations both now and in the foreseeable future.


Door and Hardware Servicing

Who do you turn to once your building is no longer under construction?  A locksmith who, by definition, will normally only work on the door lock or change your keys?  Your maintenance manager, who is usually trained in building controls and boiler systems?  Your Access Control and Security Provider, who really is only concerned with the cameras and alarms in your building?  ZiO Doors and Security is the correct choice in this regard.

ZiO offers a complete door solution for repairs and replacement of the doors, frames, and hardware, as well as toilet partitions and washroom accessories, that have been installed on your building.  Our knowledge of the products available and where they can be found is superb and locating something to match your existing building is not a problem.

We do on-site rework to damaged Hollow Metal Doors instead of replacement.  This is sometimes the only viable option. Many times it can save you a lot of money and includes things like cutting in hardware preps for hinges, locks, exit devices, flush bolts, cutting out lite kits (window kits) and moving or changing the locations for hardware preps could be the way to go. We can change the handing on those “it is hard to remove now” frames. A Field Service Technician can even cut down your Pressed Steel Frame, weld, grind, sand, and prime them so they look as if they never left the shop.

For your Wood Doors, ZiO can do pretty much anything you need. We can mortise in any hardware preps as well as modifying existing preps. We can cut out your doors for lite kits as well as cut them down as required to fit your opening.

Maintenance, Inspections and Recommendations

We can assist with planned maintenance, to ensure you comply with Alberta’s regulations and do not encounter expensive problems further down the line. We carry out planned maintenance on all types of doors.

It is very important to have fire doors inspected at regular intervals in order to comply with NFPA regulations.

Consulting Services & Fire Door Inspections

  • Hardware specifications writing, Consulting
  • Electrified Hardware Drawings, Risers, Point to Point
  • Keying Schedules, Masterkey systems design
  • Code consulting, Fire Doors Annual Inspections

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