Founded in 2002, ZiO Doors & Security is one of the largest independent companies in Southern Alberta that specializes in the service and installation of doors and door hardware for commercial construction companies, distribution houses, and most importantly end clients.  We opened our first office and warehouse facility in 2011. With its centralized location we can now serve our customers even better.

ZiO’s services include estimating and project management for commercial, institutional and multi-tenant construction projects, as well as specification advice for architects and owners. Our “start to finish” approach includes installation services, field inspections, frame & door repairs, modifications and customization. Our staff includes consultants, estimators and inspectors. We are member of the Door & Hardware Institute, The American Association of Automatic Door Manufacturers (AAADM), and The Alberta Safety Council.


Commercial Door & Hardware Installation

Construction Specialties Installation

Access Control Systems

On site modification, rework, welding

Repair and Rework of Wood Doors

Maintenance, Inspections and Recommendations

Consulting Services & Fire Door Inspections


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